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Mom (Flipino)  + Dad (Mexican)


Me (Mexipino)

Two cultures, one bond = food.

What can I say, my family is everything to me. Whether I’m helping my Nana pound masa  for corn tortilla to accompany her albondigas, or I’m helping my Auntie pound smoked fish for her famous pancit palabok, it was all about love, conversation and family. Food recipes are a dime a dozen. But sharing the kitchen and creating these sarap (delicious) dishes with these amazing women is something I hold dear to my heart.

My inspiration isn’t to create yet another food blog, but to share with you the kind of conversations I had with my family that I cherish so dearly. I truly believe that good eats can only be obtained if they are cooked with mucho (much) love. And I know that through these kitchen talks, there is nothing but mutual adoration amongst the women (and men) prepping and cooking these authentic dishes.

I hope you join me on this adventure as I share the sincere, sometimes-off-the-wall, and real discussions I have with these inspiring women. Oh, there’s food and recipes too! I hope to bring you along with me on my travels that continue to inspire me, and invite friends to write about their passions too.  So, put on some tsinelas (slippers), turn off that telenovela, and come celebrate all things...