niki currently calls the metro dc region her home. a true military brat, she claims roots all over the world, her favorites being japan, southern california and las vegas. travel is her therapy, her only gripe is that her cat, Tobi can't accompany her on her adventures.  she loves to cook, eat out, read, take pictures, collect vinyl and attend concerts. new hobbies include analog film, hiking, being a coffee snob, indoor gardening and konmari'ing. she is also an enabler to eden's Chanel nail polish addiction.

baby eden.jpg



eden, a recent Emmy awards winner (GO EDES!!!!), hails from brooklyn, but grew up in southern california and japan. she's been to the philippines almost 20 times, but is horrible at speaking tagalog and ilocano. she spends her days archiving and researching at a fast paced film company. she hates being introduced as "oh she works for blah, blah, blah." when eden ventures out it's usually to enjoy delicious eats, see her favorite djs/musicians, and movie hop (shhh...). she loves to travel, write, learn about her family history and lounge on nice beaches with a good book. she has a serious problem with Chanel nail polish.